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My Collies 

Hickory Creeks Hidden ReflectionSee Jerzee's page MDR1 Mutant/Normal * Optigen tested Normal Eye-Non CarrierPRA Non-Carrier(Grand daughter of CH Van-M Balloon Pilot)

Hickory Creeks Tailgating

See Manne’s page

 MDR1 Mutant/Normal 

Normal Eye - Non Carrier

Hickory Creeks Keep The Fire Burn'n

See Lexi's page 

*Optigen tested Normal Eye Carrier

MDR1 Mutant/Normal 

PRA Non carrier

Delilah’s Summer Faith
See Summer’s page
​Overland Summer Heatwave x Delilah’s Dreamcatchers Gone with the Wind(Grand daughter of CH Overland Gathering Storm ROM) and...(Grand Daughter of CH Overland Endless Summer ROM)
Hickory Creeks Hollar Back Girl
 See Jesse’s page  
​MDR1 Mutant/Normal*Optigen tested Normal Eye-Non CarrierPRA Non carrier

Calico’s Ramblin Rose
See Rosie’s page
​MDR1 Mutant/Normal
​* Optigen tested Normal Eye-Non Carrier

Van-M Pal Joey’s Sweetheart
 See Josie’s page
​OFA Excellent HipsMDR1 Normal/Normal* Optigen tested Normal Eye-Non Carrier
​(Grand daughter of CH Van-M Balloon Pilot)
Blue Ridge Son-Of-A-Gunn’n 
 See Cooter’s page
​OFA Good Hips
​MDR1 Mutant/Normal
​CH Litl Murphs Mystic Silver x Bueridge Springmanor Fantasy
​(Grand Son of  CH Fantasy’s Bronze Talisman ROM)
Hickory Creeks Midnight Moon
See Marley’s page

​ *Optigen tested Normal Eye-Non Carrier
Hickory Creeks Dreamcatcher
See Chloe’s page
​OFA Excellent Hips MDR1 Mutant/Normal
​CERF tested Normal Eyed
Hickory Creeks Eagle Eye
See Brandy’s page
OFA Excellent Hips
​MDR1 Mutant/Normal