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I wanted to share a 2nd birthday picture of Rylie (Neytiri) with you!! I can't tell you how much joy and love Rylie has brought into our home. We love her so much and she truly completes our lives. She has quite a personality!! She is so loving, especially at night! She loves to play, loves walks, is gentle when she needs to be, and is quite a watchdog when she sees or hears something that she knows doesn't belong. 

I have a little sister with special needs and she is so good with her. They have such a remarkable bond. When my sister comes over, Rylie is so excited and doesn't leave her side until she leaves. She is also very protective over my sister. It's amazing what she can sense! She is also a diva at times and can be so stubborn. 

If there is something she doesn't want to do, she won't! I often think that she is not a dog, but a human born into a dog's body! She amazes my husband and I daily. We love her so much, and I never knew what a dog's love could mean. She is so sensitive to our emotions as well. She was upstairs sleeping and I was downstairs watching a sappy movie. I don't know how, but she heard me crying and ran downstairs to check on me so quickly! She had to make sure her mama was okay! 

I can't thank you enough for how well you took care of her and trained her when she was a puppy. She loves being around kids, even though we don't have any. I'm positive that is because she was around your children when she was born. And, as much of a diva as she can be, she is such a good dog! We have been able to leave her out of her kennel at night since she was about 6 1/2 months old and over that summer I worked diligently with her to get her used to being out of her cage when we weren't home. I started by making a quick 20 minute trip to the store without caging her and continued to gradually ween her over those next two months. I'm a teacher and I wanted her to be able to stay out of the cage when I went back to work in August. We had a couple of small incidents with her chewing a hole in the wall by the door we come in. It was actually the best thing she could have done because that damage was easily repaired! After that, we've never had any problems! She doesn't chew on anything or destroy anything at all like some dogs do. We never have to worry about leaving shoes or anything out because she doesn't bother them. 

She is also just the most beautiful dog!! We get compliments on her all the time! I think that she looks a lot like her dad Chief! She is so tall and long and weighs about 78 pounds. We just love her so much and we can't imagine our life without her!! Thank you so much! We hope we have many more birthdays to celebrate with her!! 


Karrie and Dave Lesac

Pure Love!

We love showing off her beauty!! We get stopped wherever we go with her!! We think she looks very much like her mother Josie!! We describe her as an angel: sweet, devoted, loving, loyal, affectionate and protector! Amber is the best thing that ever happened to us!! Don't ever stop breeding Collies we need tons of them in our world!! We love her soo much!!! 

Thank you & God Bless!!

The Caruso's

"Hello to all!

I have many, many photos of our beautiful collie. (We did rename him Gunnar--but he knows both names) He has been a faithful and loyal member of our family and I am so grateful to you and your careful breeding and early care of him.

I have attached a photo of the beautiful boy in our yard, enjoying a summer's evening here in Minnesota. We know for sure we are "converted" collie lovers and I have told many about your good breeding ethic. 

He will be getting a younger sister or brother in the next few years. For now he has taken the job of leading our fifteen year old Honey dog around, which he does well as he does all things.

Thank you again for this tremendous addition to our family!

Diane Walter"